New Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

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The New York State Legislature has enacted laws to protect victims of domestic violence by helping them to untangle the financial ties that bind them to their abuser.

The new laws recognize that victims can be abused financially, by controlling the family finances, including controlling the earnings of the victim, and by forcing the victim to incur substantial debt in their name and to pay more than their fair share of the family expenses.  Now, this type of abuse is recognized as a Family Offense for which a victim can receive protection.

If you are victim of domestic violence, newly enacted laws will enable you to get out of multi-year cable packages which include phone service, cable and high speed internet.  To be able to break the contract, a victim will need to provide documentation proving abuse.  This can include a police report, an Order of Protection, or a letter from a licensed medical or mental health professional within six months of fleeing an abusive relationship.

In addition, the new laws will allow victims of domestic violence to vote by mail so that they can be assured that they will have a voice in government.

Let’s hope these changes help not just individual victims, but also make a major impact on the culture of family violence in our society.