For a variety of reasons, some people experiencing an unsuccessful marriage would like a determination that they were never married.  An annulment can accomplish this goal.  Annulments differ from divorce in that they nullify a marriage.   The grounds for annulment are:

  • Void marriages – those that are invalid from its inception due to bigamy, incest, or incapacity due to age
  • Voidable marriages – those that are valid unless, after the marriage, grounds of incapacity due to mental or physical disabilities or age are asserted by one party or one party was found to have entered the marriage based on fraud or duress

To obtain an annulment, the party seeking the annulment must provide a corroborating affidavit from a third party, documenting the alleged ground.

Ms. Daniels is experienced in obtaining annulments and can assess your case to see if it qualifies.