Domestic Violence

Many people experience domestic violence in their relationships.  Domestic violence occurs in many different ways; from physical violence to the more subtle, but no less damaging emotional abuse.  Abusers often abuse their partners through financial methods by controlling their partner’s earnings or household funds or by keeping their partner in the dark as to the family’s true financial circumstances.  Abusers also work to isolate their partners to make it more difficult for them to seek help.  Ms. Daniels has extensive experience working with domestic violence victims and understands the special risks and obstacles they face when they decide to leave their abuser.

Orders of Protection

Ms. Daniels can assess your case and determine when court intervention is necessary. She can help you to obtain an Order of Protection on behalf of yourself and your children if necessary, and have an abusive spouse removed from the home.

Domestic Violence and Children

Ms. Daniels knows how domestic violence affects the physical and emotional well-being of children. When handling your matter, Ms. Daniels will ensure the best interests of your children, by requesting the appointment of an Attorney for the Children, psychological testing and court-ordered forensic reports. Ms. Daniels will request supervised visits when necessary and is familiar with various supervising agencies.